Mar, 14

Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones – Kentucky

A new video has just been released by Surfline for the song “Kentucky” off Foreverly by Billie Joe & Norah Jones. You can check out an interview over at Surfline for more info about the video.

Mar, 14

Out in the Line-up

The weeds of homophobia intrude and pollute nearly every community, including surfing. It is appalling that within a culture known for its accepting and loving persona, a group of people feel unwelcomed and discriminated against. “Out in the Lineup”, a new film by Ian W. Thomson, is driving to alleviate this intolerance. Bigotry is caused by a lack of understanding and “Out in the Lineup” offers the chance to learn about and understand a group of people who share a common relationship – surfing. Although the film has not been released yet (due to release in March) we here at Stoke Harvester want to raise awareness for this important movie and encourage you to check out the film.

“Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.” – John F. Kennedy


- Patrick

Feb, 14

The South Texas Surf Perspective

The South Texas Surf Perspective The South Texas Surf Perspective

It is no surprise – the café au lait colored waters running along the coast of Texas have a reserved space in my heart. I spent my youth paddling into sloshy, foamy, and confused waves that most Californians would undoubtedly ridicule. So, when I stumbled across the blog “The Unusual Chronicles of a Texan Surfer” by south Texan Tegan Gainan, I wanted to share it. Using the popular GoPro camera, Gainan posts stylish and smart surf videos and photos of my much-missed “Third Coast”.

Enjoy ya’ll.


Feb, 14

The Tomorrows People

A visual expedition thru the many facets of Chemistry. Since our beginning, we have always taken pride in staying original by showcasing what makes us who we are. Never ones to follow the trends, take the retro path, or bite others style. We keep moving into the future our way. We are The Tomorrows People.

Edited by: Eric Warner
Filmed by: Eric Warner, Mike Gleason, Joe Guagliardo, and Scott Smith.
Check out Body Glove’s “Live From The Moon” on iTunes now

Surfers: Cheyne Magnusson, Mike Gleason, Todd Prestage

Dec, 13

Music: Tiny Messengers – Ukulele Christmas

My friend Kimo recorded a great Christmas album a few years back. If you’re looking for something new to listen to this season, shelve the Mannheim Steamroller, and listen to some heartfelt ukulele music, by the talented Kimo Muraki & his Tiny Messengers.

You can stream the album here. If you enjoy it, please consider purchasing the album on Kimo’s Bandcamp page.

Dec, 13

George Harrison vs. The Surf Wolf

Vacationing in Hawaii, George is bullied by the very jealous Surf Wolf, who is king of the beach. Surf Wolf challenges George to a surf-off. George reluctantly accepts, and having never surfed before, takes some lessons. 

Dec, 13

Drew Miller Demo Reel 2013

Our friend Drew is a talented filmmaker from the Sunshine state. He recently put together a reel of his work from 2013.

Dec, 13

Férias no Rio

Sliding in Rio de Janeiro, by Surfando.

Dec, 13

Making of: Almond Apparel

A fine bit of film, showing the creative process behind the clothing made possible by Almond Surfboards & Designs.

Description: Since Day 1 of Almond’s fairly short history, (5 or 6 years) we have strived to design and make products that we deemed to be essential to our mostly surf-centric way of life. We have spent the first 5 years really emphasizing the surfboard, the most essential of all surf essentials. Along the way we have learned a ton, met a lot of talented people and set our sights on more product-variety. This past year we’ve decided to make a more intentional and direct effort in the soft-goods realm, to sit alongside the surfboards that we will always emphasize. We have spent the last year and a half developing, experimenting, re-developing and launching a small collection of subtly surf-inspired, wearable clothing. Here’s a brief look into what that looks like for us. We’re continuing to grow the line, refine fits, try new washes, etc… but we’re thankful for the progress thus far, and increasingly excited with each new season.

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